Venue Info & Rental

The Kuumbwa Jazz Center is available to rent for your next concert, performance, or event. The details below are subject to change – we appreciate your understanding.

Venue Capacity

200 seated theatre style

Courtyard Capacity

18 seated, 25 standing


café, bar, dressing room, 3 restrooms, WiFi, wheelchair accessible

For information on rental rates contact Keith Wieland

Venue Specs

3,000 square foot venue, 13.5′ x 15′ stage (22’ 4” at widest point) (click here for stage diagram), state-of-the-art sound and lighting system

Rental Fee Includes

sound system, light system, Steinway Model B grand piano, professional sound engineer, bar & café staffing *inclusions vary for private events


We require a 50% non-refundable deposit and signed contract to guarantee the date. The deposit acts as default payment in case of cancellation for any reason. The balance of the rental fee plus all applicable incidental costs (including but not limited to: advertising costs, multi-track recording, video recording, house manager) are due in full ten (10) days prior to event.

Renter Responsibilities

*responsibilities vary for private events

We assist publicizing your event in the following ways: 

Kuumbwa Jazz Sound, Light & Video Systems

Sound System



Meyer Galileo 616 Loudspeaker management system: 2 Meyer UP1 stereo mains (1x 15” w/ 4” drivers) Flown, 5 Meyer UP Jr. Stereo fills (1×8” w/2” drivers) Flown, 2 Meyer 500 HP Subwoofers ( 2x 12”) On floor (recessed into the walls)


8 Monitor mixes from front of house: 8 EAW micro wedges 12”, 1 EAW micro wedge 15″, 4 QSC PLX 2 amps


Yamaha QL5 Digital console (32 on board mono inputs 8 TRS inputs), Universal Audio 6176 Tube  Stereo Channel Stripm Universal Audio T4 2-LA2 Stereo Compressor


Chamsys Quick Q 10 Lighting Board, (7) Elektralite Quad RGBW Par, (2) Chauvet Slim Par CW WW/ Amber, (4) Chauvet EYE P 140 CW WW/ Amber, (7) Dome style RGBs, (3) Cyclorma back curtain RGBs, (2) Upstage Par RGBs


(2) AKG 414 ULS condenser mics, (1) AKG D112, (2) Audio Technica Pro44 Boundary Mics, (1) Beyer M88, (2) Electro-voice RE20, (2) Josephson C42 (small diaphragm condenser), (1) Neumann K105 MT, (1) Sennheiser 421, (2) Sennheiser 441, (3) Sennheiser 604, (6) Shure SM58, (4) Shure Beta 58, (10) Shure SM 57, (2) Shure KSM 32 (condenser), (6) Countryman DI boxes 85FET (2) Pro-co passive DI, (2) Horizon Stereo Passive Di, (2) Channels of Shure SLXD4D wireless receivers w/ 2 x SLXD1 body pack transmitters, (2) Shure SM 98 Horn clamp mics for body packs plus one SM 58 handheld transmitter        


Sony SRG-X400 PTZ 1080/4k camera, GoPro Hero 8 camera, Black Magic Micro Cinema 4k camera with Voightlander 4/3 manual lens, Shogun Studio 2-channel video recorder, Black Magic ATEM Mini Pro video switcher

Stage Dimensions

Across front 13.5’, across back 15.5’, deep 15’, height 20″ (from floor), distance from sound booth 17’

Green Room


Tech Room



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