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Tim’s Six-Pick July-Sept 2017

Keystone Corner 45th Anniversary Celebration
Keystone Korner, San Francisco’s legendary jazz club (1972–1983) played an important role in Kuumbwa’s development both as an inspirational venue and as a valued early years’ partner. Todd Barkan, KK’s owner was a great KJ supporter and helped with booking and logistics in those early years. Todd has curated the evening and will be here to host the festivities.



Femina in a nutshell is urban fusion from Patagonia with a universal message. This trio of young women from Argentina blend a gumbo of folk, rap and funk while using intricate harmonies and poetic rap in their native tongue, Spanish. Their influences include rumba, cumbia, candombe and bolero and their instruments include the roncoco (Bolivian mandolin) and cajon (Peruvian drum).



Daymé Arocena
You may remember Daymé from her two visits to Kuumbwa as part of Jane Bunnett’s Maqueque band, which featured all young, Cuban women. Now on her own as a leader, Daymé is able to showcase her considerable skills as a singer, pianist & composer. Her latest recording One Takes showcases her exceptional warmth and powerful presence with a musical style that speaks of the contemporary Cuban musical scene—Santerian chant—nuanced Afro-Cuban soul and jazz.


Monty Alexander Trio
Monty is one of the great pianists in jazz and his visits to the west coast are all too rare. A native of Jamaica, nobody can combine Caribbean soul and American groove like Monty can. He is also one of the great raconteurs of jazz. Great stories for days… Be prepared for deep swing and big smiles!



Raul Midón
Raul’s last Kuumbwa appearance was with the Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour in 2016. He is back again, on his own, and with a new record, Bad Ass and Blind. Several of the tunes on the new recording he debuted with the MJF on Tour and several of those artists including Nicholas Payton are featured on the record. He is a brilliant composer and musical conceptualist.



Leyla McCalla
Leyla is a Haitian-American who sings in French, Haitian–Creole and English while playing cello, guitar and tenor banjo. Her influences include Creole, Cajun and Haitian music as well as jazz & soul. She has collaborated with the Carolina Chocolate Drops and her debut album, Vari-Colored Songs: A Musical Tribute to Langston Hughes was named Album of the Year by the London Sunday-Times and Songlines Magazine. This is her Kuumbwa debut.