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Jazz Report

The Jazz Report is a program designed to give students of local charter & alternative education schools the opportunity for a live jazz listening experience. The program offers support for both teachers & students to help students gain exposure to jazz music. On this webpage you will find links, pdf’s and suggestions for active listening techniques.

Notes to the student:
Start by contacting your teacher to get permission & a lesson plan assignment in place (usually a paper or report of the concert will be required). Check out suggested concerts within your time-frame to see what you might find interesting, or go to our Calendar to get a complete calendar. Once you have selected a concert that you would like to see, contact the Kuumbwa Jazz administrative office at 831-427-2227 to buy a ticket, then come to the show & take notes. Also check out tips & information to help get you acquainted with jazz terminology & listening guidelines.

Sample Questions:

What did you observe or notice about the artists?
How did the music make you feel? Why?
Does the music make you think of a certain person, place or thing?
What did you picture in your mind while listening to the music?
What was the mood of the music? Why?

More Information, Tools & Tips:
Listening to Jazz #1 – How to Listen to Jazz
Listening to Jazz #2 – Listening Points
Listening to Jazz #3- Song Structure
Jazz Glossary

Notes to the Parent:
Jazz is an American musical form, and all students can learn to listen to concerts with wide-open ears. Appreciating music in its many forms is an artistic experience that we can give to all of our children, whether they are learning to play an instrument themselves or not. We are fortunate that Kuumbwa Jazz offers world class artists in jazz performance, right here in our own community. Observing musicians on stage gives everyone a chance to see and hear musical expression in action.

For students who are already learning an instrument, a childhood immersed in great musical experiences sets the stage for the emergence of a great musician. Listening can be a powerful way to pique interest in a young person, and the more time they spend hearing music, the more it will resonate with them. The more interested a child becomes, the more likely that they will find their way to an instrument.


Venue Information:
Kuumbwa Jazz is an all age venue.

* Kuumbwa is 100% smoke-free.
* Kuumbwa is wheelchair accessible

Café Kuumbwa is open during all Kuumbwa presented shows and serves healthy and organic (if available) fare, meat & vegetarian chili, salad and dessert.

For typical concerts, doors open at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:00pm. Dinner can be purchased at the café starting at 6pm. Concert lengths vary. If there are both a 7 & 9 pm performance, the average time each show runs is 75 minutes. If a show is performing at 7pm only, the length can run from 75 min to 2 hours & 20 min. Please call the office for more information.


Kuumbwa Jazz is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization. We are committed to providing educational opportunities for everyone and to nurturing future audiences and musicians.


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March 19, 2015