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Armstrong Hot 5
Michael and Toby Alexander, Shona Brown and John Rohrer, Kyle Goldman, Patti and Brian Herman, Randy and Kate Whiting, The Brownstone Foundation

Trane Conductor
Val Cole and Freny Cooper, Harry Harrington and Sharon Hale, David and Kate Hartzell, Jo Lynne and Fred Jones, Jill and Hal Judd, Jon and Patricia Minsloff, Matthew Wood and Frances Ruiz-Wood, Robert and Suzanne Young

Miles Circle
Jeff Farnsworth and Michelle Taylor, Carolyn Hyatt, Ted Kirkiles and Janet Berry, Robert Mueller and Kathleen Peppard, Robin and Greg Sirakides

Ella Ensemble
Charlene and Robert Atack, Claire Biancalana and Bill Kelsay, Judy Boemer, Hal and Karlene Dahlmeier, David Doolin and Elizabeth Clifton, Charles and Sandra Eldridge III, Deidre Hamilton, Greg and Lynn Howerton, Ken Johnson and Karen Jackson, Robert Kaswen, Charly Kleissner, Pat Lerman, Maaike Linnenkamp, Edward and Sumaya Miner, John and Ellen Moir, Francie and Peter Newfield, Scott and Judy Owen, Michael Parrish and Karen Giles, Barry and Susan Porter, Thomas Thacher and Sue Nerton, Michael and Lesley Tierra, Craig and Anat Wargon, Terry Wight and Bob Groppo, Ron and Peppy Woll

All Star
Larry Abitbol, Rich and Susan Ajeska, V and Nancy Altman, Ken Arconti, Steven Baker, Bruce Ball, Glenn Bartz, Peter Beckmann, Barbara Beerstein and George Badger, Colleen Berlin-Timmons, Terry and Cindy Bernard, Bob Biggs and Sarah Marra, Greg and Debra Blackwell, Dan Blunk, Diane Bock and Ryan Ramirez, Matt Bohn, Andrea Borsuk and Frank Thaler, Robert Boyer and John Masterman, Owen Brown, David Brundage and Susan Stuart, Jessi Butler and Allen Bushnell, Martin and Barbara Chemers, Ceil Cirillo, Samia Clark, Sarah Clark, Ross and Susan Condit, Tony Condotti and Barbara Choi, Helen Conway, Krista and Peter Cook, Mary Alice and David Copp, Bruce Daniels and Barbara Graves, Lucille Des Jardins and John Blitz, William Desler, Art and Jo Anne Dlott, Norma and Harry Domash, Lee Donnelly, Dimitrios Douros, Emily DuBois, Cambria and Lendy Dunaway, Eve Eden, Ron Emrich, Richard Fabrikant and Marty Finn, David Farberow and Curtis Simmons, Gale Farthing and Jim Bourne, Jim and Donna Felich, Howard Fisher and Rosalind Fisher, Matthew and Lisa Fusco, Gary Gangnes, David Garcia and Maya Suryaraman, Robin Garmann, Steven Garner, Alan and Susan Goldstein, Sheila and Dean Gottehrer, Waldo Griffin, Vince Grimaldi, Constance Grimes, Jennifer and Hugh Grubb, Robert Hall and Denise Lee, Penny Hanna and Slim Heilpern, Alan and Charlene Heit, Derek Hill, Judy and Jeff Hittman, Frank Holdener, Emily Honig, Ernest Hudson, Virginia Hughes and Cecily Cahill, Joe Hyatt and Anissa Novak, Ron and Linda Israel, Tim Jackson and Lori Chavez, Jessica Heit and Eric Jackson-Scott, Thomas and Mary Anne Jorde, Henry Karpinski, Solomon Katzman and Lisa Hochstein, David Kaun, Alexandra and Jon Kennedy, Nick and Gail Kepler, Stephen Kessler and Daniela Hurezanu, Debbie King, Warren Klausner and Gretchen Dokey, Marty and Judy Krovetz, F. John and Beth Ann Labarba, Laura Lancaster, Bob Lanz, Jelena Larsen, Carl Law, Susan Leach, Joel Leivick and Terry Hogan, Raymond and Laurie Love, Kristin Machnick, James MacKenzie and Renee Flower, Martin Manley, Suzi Markham and Terry Olson, Donny McCaslin, Harold and Dolores McElroy, James and Suzanne McElwee, Roy Melnychuk, Andrew Mihalik and Lynda Langridge, Craig and Dusty Miller, Tyrus Miller, Diane Mitchella, Tom Moellering, Carol and Don Monkerud, Karin Morrell and Joe Barbara, Vivian Moutafian, Noel Murray, James and Serena Murray, Thomas Nash, Charles Nelson, Kelly and Maria Nesheim, James Newman, Jesse and Christine Nickell III, Sam and Kathryn Nicolino, Jr., Joyce Nordquist, Jim and Cathy Novak, Robert Ockeloen, Will and Martina O’Sullivan, Elizabeth O’Toole and Bob Harbuck, Earleen Overend and Wayne Palmer, Annah Beth Peterson, Steve and Alice Peterson, Bill and Joanne Phillips, Stephen Pierce, Lawrence Poree and Linda Wolbers, Jim Potterton, Halimah and Manuel Prado, Lynn Renshaw and Neal Langholz, Ben and Tamyra Rice, Pamela and Bill Richter, Mark Rigler and Judi Yamamoto, Buz and Kate Roberts, Karl and Theresa Robinson, Scott Roseman, Richard Rosenthal, Kelly Salazar and Hugh Carter, Eddie and Lori Scher, Olaf Schiappacasse, Gordie Schwartz and Tricia Carr, Dana Scruggs, Michael and Rosalind Shorenstein, Clarke and Cathey Shultes, Dean Silvers and Ira Schwartz, Bill and Mary K Simpson, Scott Smith and Mary Culley, David and Mary South, Sam and Paty Stevens, Bob and Phyllis Strickland, Howard Susman, Marshall and Karen Sylvan, Jeff Thermond, Michael and Livia Timpanaro-Perrotta, Fred and Andrea Tio, Samuel Torres and Maria Gitin-Torres, Sanjay and Susan Vaswani, Esin Voskay, Mary Jo Walker and Kevin Collins, Greg and Ruth Weber, Patricia Webster, Alice Weigel, Andy Weis, Stuart and Daphne Wells, Julie and Robert Wider, Steve and Sharon Willeke, Richard Wilson, Todd and Corinne Wipke, Walter Wood and Gayla Lorthridge, Ken Wright, James and Sylvia Yee, William Zschaler, Bob Zufall, Frank Zwart and Julia Armstrong-Zwart

Band Leader
Louie Albanese, David and Sharon Allshouse, Joe and Kathy Appenrodt, Jeffrey Arlt and Stacey Smith, Mary Ann Balian, Alan and April Barclay, Kent Benedict MD and Paula Gomez, Bill Benham, Mark Bernhard DC, Nancy Bley, Christine Bloome, Chris Boman, Christine and Douglas Bowman, Cathy Chavez Miller and Mike Miller, Max Copperman and Cindy White, Joseph Denicola, Donald Derheim, Eli and Angela Eisenpress, Bernard Elbaum and Nina Koocher, Pat Emard and John Wiechman, John Faulkner, Peter and Nancy Fediay, Reed and Lisa Flocks, Joann Forbes, Rob Franks and Donna Franks, Richard Gaona, Kyle Goldman, Clay Goodman, Harvey and Carmen Gotliffe, Robert and Marylayne Gregg, Carol Griffith, Anna Guagnini, Arlene James and Elizabeth James, Gordon Kaplan, Raymond Kenny, Ken and Linda Kishlansky and Marilyn Ginsberg, Kenneth Koenig, M.D. and Lisa Rose, Robin Kopit and Susie Ketchum, Mercedes Laurencin, Mark Linder and Mary Dean, Gary Logan, Rachel and Rodney Lowe, Salem and Laurie Magarian, Susan Maresco and Walt Oicle, Arch and Jennifer Mott, George Newell, Don Newmark, Fane and Cori Opperman, Larry Pearson, Ruth and John Pierce, Tom Ralston, Dave and Mary Ramos, Lucy Saarni and Rex Page, Glenn Saltz, Mary Scheller, Eric Schmidt and Ellen Primack, Dieter Siegmund, Steve and Randie Silverstein, Abraham Sofaer, Laura Sutherland and Lance Linares, Michael and Michelle Suval, Kermit Sveen, Brett Taylor, Ben and Laurie Trainer, Jeff Traugott, Lloyd and Bonnie Williams

Band Member
Richard and Sharon Abrahamson, Benjamin Abrams, Shareen Abramson, Betsy and Barry Adler, Valerie Agard and Liz Taylor, Barbara Akin, Robert Albrecht and Nita Picchetti, Esmarelda Alderete, Bill Alderman, Muhammad Alkreem, Robert Allgeyer, Mary Altier and John Walker, Ken and Sandra Anderson, Kit Anderton, Leslie and Richard Andrews, Ann and Tony Andrews, Mark Anenberg and Vikki Essert, Rich Apple, Ruth Appleby, Susan Archibald, Linda Arnold and Ned Hearn, Sacha Arts and Lou Albert, Robert Atton, Rolf Augustine, Jane Azevedo, Annette Baker, Lawrence Baker, Camille and Geoff Ball, Sarah Balla, Leslie and Anne Barnes, Gene Barnett, Greg and Lauren Barr, Dwight and Beth Basilius, Murray and Sheila Baumgarten, Matt Beasley, Frank Bechert, Robert and Monica Bellizzi, Bonno and Anita Bernard, Barbara Bernard, Len and Evey Bernstein, Michael Bertoni, Gary Bianchi, Curtis and Susan Bianchi, Linda Bixby, Deborah Blumberg, Patti Boe, Haim Borer and Cathy Crystal, Audrey Boutte and Elza Minor, Paul Bouwsma, Jack Bowers, Michael and Alex Boyd, Eric Braun, Jarrett and Judy Brock, Scotty Brookie and Andrew Purchin, Susan Brouwer, Eileen and Neil Brown, James Brown, Robert and Debra Brownstein, Joe Bryan, George Bunch, Lori and Jack Burkett, Kathryn Burrous-Sharp and Tom Sharp, Anne and Bill Callahan, Louis and Nancy Calvisi, Timothy Carl and Joan Bosworth, Susan and Bruce Carlson, Nancy Carr, Calvin and Jennifer Carr, Ben Carson and Galia Stein-Rosen, Johnny Cash and Dana Olson, Frank and Pat Cavalier, Brian and Kathleen Cayton, Craig and Brenda Chadwick, Howard and Lisa Charnock, Gil and Dee Chavez, Fred Chin and Debbie Johnson, Nick Chiulos and Nancy Mouat, Jason Christian, Karen and Kurt Christiansen, Jim Christopher, Neil and Carolyn Christopherson, Joe Cianciarulo, Richard and Ginny Clark, Peter and Carne Clarke, Ed and Margie Claxton, Joy and John Clay, John Coffey, Elena Cohen and Steve Ritz, Nancy Cortez Lippi, Linda and Tim Craighead, Mary Crawford and Roger Chaffin, Jeff Cross, Lauren Crux, Sitah and Dale Cummings, Jerry and Patty Cummings, Joe and Susan Curtis, Pat Da Silva, Maureen and Robin Davidson, Richard Lee Davis, Michele Davis, Paul and Anne Davis, Ken and Katherine Deaver, John and Caitlin Deck, Patrick Dennelly, Kitty Dennis and Larry McFall, Richard DeVitto, Larry and MaryEllen Dick, Jamie Dillon, Tamara and Gerry Doan, Ann Draper, Patricia Duffy, Jerome and Marjorie Earls, Terrel and Nancy Eaton, Chuck Edgemon, Dave Egan, Tom Ehrlich, Tom Ellison and Larry Friedman, Teren Ellison, Vikki Erickson, Olga Euben, Robert and Kristin Evans, Frank Eynon, Rich Faber and Deborah Carter, Pete and Joanne Fallico, Jack and Iris Farr, Matt Farrell and Connie Croker, Farnaz Fatemi and Paul Skenazy, Marjorie Fawcett, Jarin and Carole Feldstein, Craig Ferguson, Tim Filice, Shirley and Anthony Fink, Bruce Finney and Kathleen Condon, Barbara and Martin Fishman, Wendy Flapan, Bruce Flatow, Joel Ann and Mahlon Foote, Mark Forry, Sylvia Forsyth, John Fowler and Debbie Lew, Scott Freshour and Laura Partch, Cliff and Sara Friedlander, Linda Frisbey, John Gamman, Sanjiv and Meena Garg, Bill and Joyce Garvey, Judith Geer, Peter Gelblum and Michelle Estrin-Gelblum, Buddy Gerstman, Paula Gibson, Sarah and Will Glommen, Barbara and Mark Gordon, Margaret Gordon, Andria Gordon, Nancy Goudarzi, Paul Gratz, John Graulty and Susan Graulty, Russ Gray, Sue and Tony Graziano, Lee Griffith, Diane Grunes, Rose and Alberto Guarino, Peter Guilhamet, Ed and Holly Guzman, Roberto Gwiazda and Christina Ravelo, Kimberly Hallinan and Ken Helms, Gayle and Michael Halpin, Meg and Don Harlor, Wanda Harris , Martin Headman and Lou Shubert, Debra Heavens, John and Sharlyn Heron, Ethel Herring, Duncan Herring and Beth Squire, Cathy Hirata, Christine Hirsch, Bruce Hodge and Elizabeth Weal, Thalia and Michael Hohenthal, Jim and Nancy Hopper, Barbara Horscraft, Jeanne Howard, Sybil Hudson and Andy Miller, William Huffman, Pegatha Hughes and Paul Seever, Matthew and Amy Jackson, Kristen Jacobsen, Kirk Jensen and Dennis Reagan, Samuel Johnson and Katherine Moore, Connie Carey Jones, Dick and Lisa Jones, Barbara Jordan and Suzanne Sheuerman, Yamindira Kanagasundaram, David Kasle, Roberta and Clark Katz, Elliot and Jerry Kay, Israel Keller, George Kent and Julee Ogawa, Kay Killmer, Ellen Kimmel, Madhur Kohli, Dennis Kong, David Kossack, PhD., Susan Krivin and David Ohanesian, Margaret and Duke Lambert, Don and Joan Law, Paul Lawton and Patty Durkee, Laurie Lee, John Lehmann, John Lett and Pat Boylan, Charles Levin, Paia Levine and Jeff Brody, Rick Linzer and Barbara Schatan, Karl Lopez, Joan Lowden, James Luther, Ted Maddock, David Mader, Lance Magee, Robert Mahoney, Michael Maida, Mark Mander and Ruthanne Baker-Mander, Lynn Marcus Wyner and Ian Hardcastle, Angela Marie, Lawrence Martin, Joseph and Lila Jean Marvin, Prudence Masseth, Glenn and Carol Maynard, David and Pamela McClellan, Lucy McCullough, John McGee and Betsy McCarty, Tom McKoy and Ellen McCarthy, Daniel and Lauren McLaughlin, Patricia and Monien Medrano, Sue and Greg Mendell, Janet Merrick, Sara Mikles, Gary Milburn, Kathleen Miller, Brian and Ann Miller, George and Luisa Miller, Linda ReneĆ© Miller, Tom Mitchell, Charles and Diane Molnar, Ernie Morales, Janice Morgan, Terry and Pamela Moriarty, Dania Moss, Michael Muccigrosso, Carmen Mulholand, John Munoz, William Murphy, Julie Murphy and Bill Manov, Susan Murphy, Mike Nalls, Patricia Nellany, Jim Nelson, Henry and Nancy Niles, Hayes and Patricia Noel, Andy Nozaka, Bob and Barbara Oberg, Paul and Sally O’Brien, Rodney T. Ogawa, Jane Orbuch and Bryan Cockel, Eileen and Jeremiah O’Shea, Rodney Ouse and Carolyn Wade, Nick Pavlina, Gail Pellerin and Tom Chaffin, Jay Pennock, George Pepper and Michelle Robin, Karin Perling and Richard Mayeri, Janet Perry, Richard and Jean Peterson, Robert Phillips, Dan Phillips, Mike and Cynthia Phinn, Drew Pieros Jr., Robert Plant, Tom and JoAnn Pohorsky, Eric Porter, Trenise Pot , Christine Price and Steve Waldrip, Russell and Denise Putzke, Joe and Debbie Quigg, Doug and Leslie Rainforth, Michael and Sarah Ray, Josh Reilly and Lisa Russell, Robert Renner and Kathleen Howlett, Stu Reynolds and Pamela Baker, Ron Rice, Neil Richman, Phil Riordan, Steve Robertson, Marilyn Robertson, Winkie Rose, Pamela Rose, Oren Rosen, Cynthia Rotwein and Craig Pappas, Daniel Rubin, Anthony Russo and Alessandra Strada-Russo, Joshua Salesin and Claire Schneeberger, Vikki Sanders, Lisa Schaechter, Roger and Kate Schafer, Alan Schlenger and Susan Lysik, Cindy and Marian Scott, Robert Scott and Daidi Chang, Roberta Sears, Sean Seman, Stephen Shoemaker, Jacob and Kris Sidman, Frederick Siff, Gary Silberstein and Joan DeNeffe, Tom Simpkins, Nirvikar Singh and Inderjit Kaur, Glenn Smith and LeAnn Bjelle, Phil and Sachi Snyder, Zea Sonnabend, John and Elaine Sorensen, Daniel Spelce and Yolanda Provoste-Fuentes, Madeline Spencer, Doug Spitzer, Cheryl Stafford, Kathy Stagnaro, John and Angela Steele, Marla Stone-Lyons, Peter Strype, David Sussman, John Swartley and Debra Cohen, Peter Szydlowski, Mike and Jillian Talvensaari, Paul and Ida Tarantino, Paul Tatsuta and Leslie Johnson-Tatsuta, Bunny Tavares, Jamie Taylor, Mark Teixeira, Lawrence Terry, Mary Camille Thomas, Peter Thomas, Timothy Thornton, Ken and Donna Tingley, Bob and Rosemary Tintle, Julie Tokunaga-Fu and Albert Fu, Vince and Elizabeth Tornabene, Leslie Tremaine, Cori Troiani, Jim Vail, Anina Van Alstine, Jim and Jeri Vanderzwaan, Heidi Vaughan, Lisa Vieira and Andrew Sheldon, Geo Warner and Cathy Warner, Cherie Weeland and Steve Hernandez, Joe Weintraub, Kenneth Welcher and Ilene Feinman, John and Liz Wesolowski, Debra Weston, Sandra and Michael Whalen, Claudia White and Marsha Isaacson, Ann Whittington and Phil Smith, Pete Wilde and Nadine Nemec, Gary Wilens, Linda Wilshusen and Rock Pfotenhauer, Steve Wilson and Jessica Lowe-Wilson, Sylvia Winsby, Jill and Jon Winston, Michael Winston, Ann and Albin Winters, Mark Wise and Judy Brose, Lynne Wittenberg, Larry and Marcelle Wolfson, Keith and Mary Wood, Gil and Gail Woolley, Judith Wylie, LiPing Xu, Donna Ziel, Stacey Zones, Kristi Zufall, Patricia Zylius and Jeffrey Perez