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Tuesday, May 18
6:00 PM
Special Event

Virtual Master Class – Jonathan Barber: Drumming with Intention

A fresh perspective on redefining your drumming ability and unlocking new skills.

In this free virtual master class, renowned drummer Jonathan Barber will give you his fresh perspective on orchestrating melodies and soloing, providing tips and tools to redefine your drumming ability and drum with intention.  Barber will dig into some concepts that have elevated his own playing and will focus on grooving and opening up your phrasing in creative ways.

Topics will include: orchestrating the melody, playing accents within the melody, playing phrases leading to the accents, playing phrases responding, playing off the dynamics of the song, understanding form and what is required from each section, the rhythm matrix, tonality, building improvisation, soloing, snare lead, bass lead, and unison lead.

Co-sponsored by: Evans, Istanbul Agop, Ludwig, ProMark, Santa Cruz Drum Club, Zack Olsen’s Drum Studio

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