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Busker’s Showcase! Featuring Rainbow Girls, The Juncos & Maple Street Five

Saturday, February 2, 7:00 PM

Busker’s Showcase! Featuring Rainbow Girls, The Juncos & Maple Street Five


Tickets at the door only

Doors: 6:30 PM

Presented by Saalisi Presents

More info: 707-254-5052

It’s been one year and three showcases since the first Saalisi Presents Buskers Showcase and we are here to celebrate the anniversary in high style!

The Juncos are our most seasoned offering of the evening.  Joshua Lowe brings great storytelling into the bands roughhewn Americana settings. A very tough, forceful and heartfelt delivery puts a rock spine into these tunes and the bands love for the music keeps it real.

Maplestreet Five are hands-ful of fun. More fully realized ensemble playing you will not find. These guys get after it like suburban gypsies havin’ a blast on every tune. While their renditions of old time classics stack up to any one in the trade, the original material is full of a mature vision and joy.

The Rainbow Girls are something else.  These five women from Santa Barbara have been wowing audiences at festivals and parties all over California since their inception two years ago. Liable to play a kazoo, glockenspiel or hit the five-part harmony, these fantastic entertainers will floor you. Get you out on the dancefloor that is. And they will be showin’ some moves of their own up there (including but not limited to tap)! Folk rock can’t contain them, psychedelic country doesn’t go far enough but raging party band they just may be!

Local funny man Richard Stockton will MC, so come on down and find out what we’ve been developing over the past months, right here in Santa Cruz.  Bringing the best bands to grace our city streets into our city’s most graceful venue.  An audience with high expectations, who knows what to do when they’re met, is just what we need to set things off.