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Brian’s Best Bets

Artist administrator Brian Fitzgerald knows jazz. By day Brian handles artist liaison and contract duties, in addition to helping patrons purchase tickets; by night (at on his lunch break) he is a talented jazz guitarist. Here’s Brian’s Best Bets on summer concerts worth checking out.

Julian Lage
To fully realize the impact of Julian’s prodigious talent on the guitar and appreciate his dedication to his art, you have to experience him live––in person. The trio format provides the perfect structure to showcase Julian’s formidable skills and allow for maximum musical interaction and exploration.

Davina & the Vagabonds
If the name alone is not enough to get you off the couch and “down to the nightclub,” then take my word for it – this Davina & the Vagabonds is worth the price of admission at twice the price! Prepare yourself for a night of blues-based fun with Davina’s infectious vocals, piano playing and stellar stage presence.

Anthony Wilson and the Curators
Anthony can and does do it all, quite literally. Gifted writer, top-flight Grammy-nominated composer and arranger, producer, bandleader, first call sideman, and more. Now add vocalist to this impressive list. Did I mention that he also has serious chops as well? Don’t take my word for it—come see for yourself.

Strap on your seat belt and get ready for takeoff! From the first note to the last, this ensemble burns as if their very lives depended on it. For Jacket fans, this is not news. They should be on every jazz fan’s musical bucket list. If you haven’t seen them, here is your chance to experience jazz fusion legends.

Hristo Vitchev
This group has it all—virtuoso-level musicianship, combined with synergistic ensemble playing, all wrapped together with outstanding and thought-provoking compositions. See for yourself that the idiom is in good hands, while at the same time being conscientiously pushed forward.

Grace Kelley
This will be the show that everyone will be saying for weeks afterward, “hey, did you see…” then goes on to tell you what a life changing event it was. Get yourself down to Kuumbwa to experience why critics and fans alike call this 23-year old sax sensation a rising star that defies genres.